Friday, October 10, 2014

First road trip

Loading up to go glamping. About a 4 hour drive north to Brierfield Ironworks State Park.  There were several ways to get there, we chose to take the secondary roads and avoid the interstate at all costs.  We had to go through lots of small towns and as always in southern towns, the highway always goes around the courthouse.  There were several white knuckle moments negotiating in some tight spaces.

The truck was doing OK for the southern part of the trip, but as we made the transition to the rolling hills of central Alabama, it became apparent that the Dodge was not equipped for the task.  The 25' Airstream was right at the trucks limit for tow weight and I was surprised at how the semi engine was struggling.  I was thinking ahead to the mountains out west and if this truck would be able to make it out there. 

Finally, we made it the the park, got checked in chose a spot and settled in.  I chose a spot that backed up to the stream thinking we could sleep with the windows open and be lulled to sleep with the sounds of running water.  Upon closer inspection I discovered that the stream was dry.  If we wanted running water sounds, I'd have to leave a faucet open all night!

The park is a historic site where the Confederate Army has an ironworks kiln used for making weapons.  The kiln was destroyed by Union forces during the Civil War.  The ironworks here are one of two in the area.

There is also a firing range located here where they hold Civil War reenactments and also train members on using black powder rifles and pistols.  We were treated to a display on Sunday morning.  It was loud, very loud but seeing these guys shooting the antique guns was interesting.

The park has lots of trails to hike and old buildings to explore.  It is nice and quiet there.  We had a good time and spent a lot of time enjoying our new camp chairs under the awning.  Naturally, when camping, it always rains and Saturday was no exception.

On the trip home, we went back the same route and had the same issues with the truck.  In my mind, I am already shopping for a replacement.

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