Saturday, November 22, 2014

Vogel State Park

Loading up to go to Vogel State Park in Ga. We head out in the morning. Gonna be cold up there at night....brrrrrr. Great hiking though. So, we drove up to Vogel State Park in north Georgia last Sunday. An 8 hour drive, mostly in the rain. The hardest rain was at the park while we were trying to get backed in and set up. We did find a really nice site located right on a mountain stream which was running quite nicely. The picture of the owl was for Carsen's benefit. She has been afraid of owls ever since the beginning. Something about the way they can turn their heads around freaks her out. The mountain shot is a Brasstown Bald, the highest point in Georgia. We took the shuttle to the top and walked back down. It was really cold up there. As the week went on, the weather got colder and colder. We even had snow flurries on Thursday morning. By that night we were ready to head back home to warmer weather. Cold weather campers we are not! So, Friday morning, we packed up and headed back south. It was 25 degrees when we left!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Just back from 4 days of camping at Jennings Ferry Campground near Eutaw, AL. Very nice campground, trees were in full color, nice big sites, we were right on the water, great bathhouse which we took full advantage of and if you have the Interagency Geezer pass, it is only $11 a night! This is a Corps of Engineers facility.

Monday, November 3, 2014

New tow vehicle

After searching and searching and late nights researching, we decided that we wanted a Suburban 2500 to pull our trailer. After spending a lot of time looking for the right one, we found one in Birmingham that looked perfect for us. The owners used it to pull their travel trailer and claimed it did fine out west. They posted a real nice video detailing all the fine points of the truck. It is 4WD and also has 4 wheel steering! This was am option that GM spent untold amounts of money and time developing that eventually ended up in the dustbin of time. Apparently, they spent so much time and money on the option that they had to price it very high and people weren't buying it. It was an excellent option and makes towing a trailer and backing a trailer so much easier. It is called Quadrasteer. I'm sure there is a wiki article if you are interested in the details. So, we talked to the guy and made an appointment to go see it. We ended up buying it and it is now ours.