Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I think we are back in KS, Toto!

So, we had severe thunderstorms most of the night and into the morning. They were predicting quarter sized hail which is really bad for an Airstream. But, we lucked out and only had rain. I waited until it had mostly stopped and went outside to get ready to hook up. We were real late leaving but were only planning to drive about 180 miles. We had rain off and on until we were well inside Kansas. We had several road projects that we had to be escorted through.

Gas in MO was $2.32 and in KS was $2.57. The stations in MO were too small or too crowded for me to get into, so had to settle for KS gas. We actually went through a town called Gas, KS and yes, you can buy gas in Gas! We are in New Strawn, KS on Hwy 75 just south of Topeka. Another CoE Dam project. We are backed right up to the low side of the dam. If it ever cools off, I will take a few pictures. I don't think we will be here more than one night.

 I spent some time getting the fraud charges taken care of with the credit union. Thanks to Crystal Lynn Davis and Dottie Meehan for taking good care of me today! We ended up canceling both debit cards and will have to rely on a credit card until we get our new cards.

 There are 3 campgrounds here at the John Redmond Reservoir. We are in the East Riverside. We took a drive over the dam to the West Riverside campground. Very different. Mostly in the trees, very close and swampy. Can you say mosquito? The other campground is the Damsite Campground and is located on the high side of the dam. It is completely underwater!

As we were driving back to our campground we saw a doe and her fawn cross the road and 2 huge foxes having dinner right in the campground. They were too far away for a picture but we could see them really well with the binoculars. It is still in the 80s...I hope it cools off a bit tonight.

Monday, June 29, 2015


We are in Pittsburg! Missouri that is...we are in a CoE park backed up to a great view of the river. We will be here 2 nights and then move on to Kansas. 460 miles today, but pretty good roads in Missouri. I recommend US60 from Sikesville west.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hurricane Creek

We hit an unexpected cool front here in Cadiz, KY. The overnight low was 59 degrees! Great sleeping weather. Yesterday we got up early and drove over to Land Between the Lakes. If you are heading this way the bridges from the east and west are VERY narrow. I would not pull my trailer across them. The good news is they are being replaced. We wanted to go see the Bison and Elk Prairie. This is a driving tour of a large fenced off area where "wild" Elk and Bison live. $5 per vehicle gets you into the exhibit. We did not see any Bison, but we did find 2 male Elks lying in the grass up on a hill. We also saw a number of turkeys. The plan is to pack up leave here tomorrow. We will cross the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. We'll cross the Ohio on I24 and the Mississippi at Cape Girardeau, MO. Little did we know that these elk would be the only ones we saw in 2015!

Friday, June 26, 2015

House is sold!

We left the TCPC Airstream Park near Crossville, TN this morning and are currently set up at a CoE campground near Cadiz, Ky called Hurricane Creek. We will be here until Monday. Oh and BTW, the papers are all signed on the house and we are just waiting for confirmation of the wired proceeds. Yay.

Sunday, June 21, 2015


We left Huntsville this morning and along with Tom and Robin, we headed north to TCPC which is an Airstream only park located south of Crossville, TN. We will remain here until we close on the house. Yes, the second closing date came and went with no closing. Hopefully, they will get it done this week. TCPC is an Airstream only park located near Crossville, TN. Known for cooler temps in the summer, it is about 200 sites owned by individuals all have some form or another of Airstreams. You don't own the land, but you own the right to use the facilities and your site. Nice location, but we decided it wasn't for us.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Monte Sano State Park

Our time at Isaacs Creek Campground is up and we have moved north to Monte Sano State Park near Huntsville, Al. We will be here until Sunday. We are meeting some friends from Mobile and other areas for a mini Airstream get together. BTW, our closing us set for Friday at 11 am. The title company will email our docs and we will print them out and overnight them back. This saga should be over soon!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Isaacs Creek

We moved our camp this morning. We are now NW of Monroeville, Al at a Corp of Engineer campground called Isaacs Creek. We have a premiere waterfront site with a great view of the Alabama River. $11 a night!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

No joy, no closing...

So, the closing did not happen yesterday. The buyers loan processing is still under way. We left Meaher State Park this morning for our service appointment in Gulfport. They drove it back and got right on it. We were out of there in an hour. We had planned to stay at Gulf Islands National Park in Ocean Springs, Ms but the campground is small, cramped and very full. We drove right back out. We stopped for fuel and a fellow fueler recommended Shepard State Park in Gautier (go-shay) for you yanks. We have a real nice, shady, private spot backed up to a gator filled bayou (by-you). We will hide out here until Saturday at least. Here's the view of the backyard.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A serious buyer!

After 347 days on the market...we had the inspection today and are waiting to hear about that. Well, we passed the inspection with a very short list of 3 easy things to fix. The appraisal is Tuesday. Trying to push for a Jun 4 closing. Sold sign goes up tomorrow and we close on June 9th. Hit the road on June 10th. Woo. Hoo. This is the sign we have been waiting for!

Friday, April 17, 2015


Driving Sharon to work for the very last time!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Potential sale

After 8 months on the market and about a dozen or so visitors most of them complaining about the lack of a closet in the front bedroom, I broke down and built a closet. The visitors on Saturday were the first to view the closet. They didn't like it and looks like they are going to make an offer pending removal and restoration of the room without the closet. But, if it means this place will sell, I will gladly take it out.

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Last week we were in Santa Rosa Beach for an Airstream rally called "Canopener". It is an annual event held at Topsail Hill Preserve which is a Florida State Park. On Saturday, there was an open house and I took some pictures of some of the more interesting trailers. Here are a few of those. There were 103 trailers there that weekend.