Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I think we are back in KS, Toto!

So, we had severe thunderstorms most of the night and into the morning. They were predicting quarter sized hail which is really bad for an Airstream. But, we lucked out and only had rain. I waited until it had mostly stopped and went outside to get ready to hook up. We were real late leaving but were only planning to drive about 180 miles. We had rain off and on until we were well inside Kansas. We had several road projects that we had to be escorted through.

Gas in MO was $2.32 and in KS was $2.57. The stations in MO were too small or too crowded for me to get into, so had to settle for KS gas. We actually went through a town called Gas, KS and yes, you can buy gas in Gas! We are in New Strawn, KS on Hwy 75 just south of Topeka. Another CoE Dam project. We are backed right up to the low side of the dam. If it ever cools off, I will take a few pictures. I don't think we will be here more than one night.

 I spent some time getting the fraud charges taken care of with the credit union. Thanks to Crystal Lynn Davis and Dottie Meehan for taking good care of me today! We ended up canceling both debit cards and will have to rely on a credit card until we get our new cards.

 There are 3 campgrounds here at the John Redmond Reservoir. We are in the East Riverside. We took a drive over the dam to the West Riverside campground. Very different. Mostly in the trees, very close and swampy. Can you say mosquito? The other campground is the Damsite Campground and is located on the high side of the dam. It is completely underwater!

As we were driving back to our campground we saw a doe and her fawn cross the road and 2 huge foxes having dinner right in the campground. They were too far away for a picture but we could see them really well with the binoculars. It is still in the 80s...I hope it cools off a bit tonight.

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