Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Day 10, Yukon Territory

So, today we will be continuing along our route to a campground just beyond Destruction Bay called Congdon Creek Provincial Park.  It's about 420 miles.  We will be going through Whitehorse which is the largest city in the Yukon.  One other thing about Watson Lake is if you were wanting to head north to Dawson City, this is where you'd split off from the Alaska Highway.  We heard from many people who went that way and they regretted making that choice.  The road was very rough and the scenery not worth the punishing ride.

Along the way, we pass many different lakes and mountain vistas.  The bears are not as frequent, but we do see some.  The one thing I noticed along this stretch is that they mow the sides of the road.  We are literally miles from anywhere and they are mowing.  Kind of ruins the experience, but perhaps they do that to protect the wildlife from vehicles on the road.  If the bushes were closer, you might not have time to react if a moose ran out in front of you.

Our first stop is Whitehorse where we head to the Walmart for some groceries.  There is also a gas station right next door with fresh water fill and dump station.  Free!  We fill up at $4.51 per US gallon.  Still very hard to get used to, but we knew it was going to be high before we left.  There are no refineries up in this part of the world and everything has to be trucked in.

The Walmart is really a Smallmart even though it is called a doesn't have a full grocery store, but we are able to find enough provisions to last us a few days.  We have a tiny refrigerator and not a whole lot of storage space for dry items so we need to shop every few days.

We still have about 310 miles to go before we reach the US Border Crossing after Beaver Creek.  This is a long road!

Our next point of interest is Haines Junction.  This is the road that will take you south into Haines, AK.  We thought about going down there first but decided that we would see that on the way back out of AK.  There are several roads that take you to a few cities found in the panhandle of AK.

Soon, we see Kluane Lake and the end of it which is called Destruction Bay.  It is a huge body of water and we have to drive south aways and then cross over a bridge to reach the western side where we head north towards our campground for the night.  The lake is dry at the very end.

This campground has signs all over the place warning you about bears.  They do allow people to tent here, but in July and August, tenters are required to set up their tents within an area enclosed by an electric fence!  Yikes.  I don't think I would sleep too well in there.  If you had to get up in the middle of the night and wouldn't be pretty if you peed on that fence.  We find a nice spot, surrounded by pine trees and rest up the remainder of the day.  We even got our chairs out and enjoyed a cold beer.

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