Thursday, June 14, 2018

Day 12 Tok and Chicken

Today was our rest day but instead we decided to take a side trip up to Chicken, AK.  Most people see Chicken as they are coming down from Dawson City.  We elected to go this way so that we wouldn't have to suffer the road from and to Dawson City.  This is a 14 mile backtrack on the Alaskan Highway to Tetlin Junction where we will turn left on Hwy 5 and head north to the bustling town of Chicken.  The road is generally good, but there are spots that aren't too great and there is the always present road construction where it is nothing but gravel.

The scenery is really nice and as you can see from the pictures, the weather was perfect today.

We didn't see much in the way of wildlife although Sharon thinks she saw a bull moose on her side of the road.  I couldn't turn around or backup so we kept moving.

The original town of Chicken was abandoned many years ago and is across the road from it's current location.  That is all private land now, but you can go on a paid tour if you so desire.

This is an old gold mining town and in it's current state there isn't all that much here.  A really big chicken, a new gift shop, an RV park and the area they call "beautiful downtown Chicken".  They really want to name the town after the Alaskan state bird, the Ptarmigan, but they were afraid people would never be able to spell it.  So, they called it Chicken.

We stop to visit a USFS campground along this river.  It was really wet in there and I would imagine there are tons of mosquitoes.  There were quite a few hardy campers though.  We wished them well and got back on the main road.

 Soon, we were in Chicken and we headed right for the downtown district.  There is a souvenir shop, a liquor store, a bar and a cafe.  All in one dilapidated building that might pass for a strip mall.  Seriously, the floors in the souvenir shop were so out of level, I felt like I needed to hold on to something whenever I moved.  But, there was some nice stuff in there and I bought a Chicken T-shirt.

There is an old gold dredge there, but we didn't go over that way.  We could see it though.  The whole town would fit in your back pocket!

The town was bustling as they were getting ready for a live concert the next day.  We saw what we wanted to and headed back to Tok.

Dinner that night was a treat as we wanted to try Fast Eddies.  This is a "famous" place that is very popular with the motorcycle crowd.  The food was good, the service not so much.  I had the cod fish and chips and Sharon had a salmon dish.  I had a taste and it was very good.  We had to drive down there as it was about a 2 mile walk and neither one of us was up for that.

So, after dinner, we drove our house back to our temporary digs at the Golden Bear and made ready for bed.  Tomorrow, we head to Delta Junction which is the official end to the Alaskan Highway.  The weather in Fairbanks is supposed to be nicer than on the coast.

From Tok, you can go either way, it is after all a giant circle route.

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