Monday, June 18, 2018

Day 16 Homer

So, today started off with a short walk down to the bakery for coffee and sweet treats.  The place was packed.  Two Sisters Bakery was right down the street from the Driftwood Inn.  Sharon had this thing called chocolate bread and I had a cinnamon roll.  It was delicious.

If you are ever in Homer, put this place on your list of very important places to visit.

After that, we decided to take a drive out East End Road.  This is the road that takes you out along Kachemak.  The road is paved for 20 miles and then gravel after that.  It was a pretty drive with great views of the south side of the bay.  Lots of snow and glaciers over there.  We passed by Kilcher Road which is apparently the road that leads to the Kilcher Homestead.  Now, if you know anything about the show, they are always preparing for the upcoming winter and let on that if they don't kill a moose, they will starve.  Well.  Kilcher road is 12 miles from Homer.  On a paved road.  They could very easily go to town and buy some food if they don't have a full freezer.  I've lost all faith in the show and don't watch it anymore.

We drove out to the end of the road and would stop every so often to take in the scenery.  There was a lot to take in.  Alaska has no shortage of scenery.  Sometimes, there is too much!  Here is some eye candy.

Here is the head of Kachemak Bay.  This is where the Kilchers take their cattle to graze in the summer time.  OK, ok, enough about the Kilchers.

After our drive we returned back to the Driftwood Inn.  This is a nice place run by some really nice people.  They will go out of their way to make you comfortable.  Even though we weren't staying in the Inn, we were welcome to use the parlor located in the main part of the inn.  This was equipped with plenty of reading material, a computer and printer and a super relaxed atmosphere.

For dinner, we walked up the road to a pizza place we had seen earlier called Fat Olive's.  I think it is a chain restaurant.  We sat down and the very friendly waitress brought us our beers.  There was another couple seated nearby with their 16 year old son.  He had ordered 2 slices of pizza while they had ordered something else.  You should have seen the sizes of those slices!  They make a 28" pizza and the slices come from the 28" pizza.  The circumference of a 28" pizza is almost 88 inches!  They were HUGE!  I was amazed that he was able to eat all that but then I remember how much I ate when I was that age.

Our pizza arrived and we set to work demolishing it.  It was really good pizza, best we've had on this trip.  The beer was excellent as well.  Normally I don't drink dark beer, but Sharon likes it and she convinced me to give it a try.  I'm glad I did.  I am now a convert.  I don't like a beer with lots of hops and fancy flavors.  Just give me a beer but no Bud or Miller please.

Tomorrow we leave Homer and make our way to Seward, AK.

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