Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Day 24 Meziadin Junction

We reluctantly packed up and headed out of Boya Lake CG.  This is such a pretty spot.  If you decide to visit, bring your kayak or canoe.  If you don't have a kayak or canoe, you can rent them near here.  The water is so clear in the lake, it is amazing.  At the registration sign, there is an artesian well where you can fill your water bottles.  It runs slow, but the water is good.

Our goal today is to make it to Meziadin Junction where you can pick up 37A and go to Stewart/Hyder.  Hyder is in Alaska and is where they have the bear watching viewpoint.  Unfortunately for us, the salmon are not running and the chances of seeing a bear are pretty slim.

Our first order of business today is to get fuel.  We didn't fuel up in Watson Lake yesterday as the price was higher than we paid previously and I thought fuel would start to get cheaper as we traveled south.  Boy, was I wrong!  The first place to get fuel was in Porter Lake.  We drove up to the pumps only to find that the store was closed and the pumps were not "pay at the pump".  So, back on the road heading further south.  Our next opportunity to get fuel would be at Dease Lake.

The newly paved road that we were traveling on yesterday ended at the entrance to the campground.  The road is still OK, but not nearly as nice as before.  The scenery is fantastic and we don't even notice the roadway surface.  Upon arriving at Dease Lake, we find the highest price we have ever paid for fuel:  $1.60 per liter!  This works out to 4.99 a gallon USD!  Normally $100 CDN will cover a refuel, today it costs us $116 CDN.  This is due to the price and that the tank is below 1/2 full which is where I would normally refuel.  Oh well, it's only money.

The weather is still very overcast and wet.  Not a heavy rain, just enough to have to wipe the windshield occasionally.  Every once in a while, we get a glimpse of blue sky and our hopes are recharged that we will be getting out of this bad weather soon.  At one point we saw a fox right on the side of the road.  He looks to be in pretty bad shape and we wonder if he is sick.  Looked mangy and underfed.  We didn't stop to try to pet the poor guy.  Then, a few miles down the road, we saw his brother.  He seemed to be in much better shape.

Van Haulin' is running OK and is liking the fact that there haven't been any steep climbs today.  But, I have noticed that when any load is placed on the engine that it is misfiring.  Not a hard misfire, but you can tell something is wrong.  I have the fuel filter but haven't swapped it out yet.  The plan is to get to our stop early and change the filter.  There hasn't been any place that we have seen to buy an air filter yet.  We wonder where these people go to do their shopping.

What's that blue stuff in the sky?

So, we drive on until we get to the junction of 37 and 37A and continue south to the Meziadin Lake Provincial Park.  This is equivalent to a state park in the USA.  We find a spot in the shade and pay our $22 CDN for our spot.  We get set up and I break out the tools so I can change the fuel filter.  I guess I have been delaying doing this as I don't have any internet access to research how this is done. I find that the park has wifi for sale so I sign up for a 24-hour pass.  I don't remember the cost, but it's about $10 or so.  Well worth the price.  I do a search for the fuel filter swap and find a procedure.  Changing the filter is actually pretty easy as it is right there in front.  The total procedure takes about 1/2 hour.  Having that done, we can now relax and enjoy the view.  The lake is another beautiful spot to be and the skies have cleared.  We enjoy the sun for the first time in weeks.

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